Billy did a wonderful job with our fish pond.  I gave him a general
idea of what I wanted and he persuaded me to change my design based on
his professional experience.  The result is a wonderful piece of art. 
Billy is not just a pond builder but a true artist.  He chose the
appropriate stones and arrangements, giving us nice views of the pond
from the sunroom, the deck and backyard.  Many of my Chinese friends
were surprised his work has such an Asian artistic flavor.

Thank You for Your Hard Work Billy!!!

Kim Tam

Billy - your presentation yesterday evening was wonderful!  It was so
educational and informative.  Thank you for taking the time after a
long work day to talk with us.  It is obvious that you love your work
- your enthusiasm just oozes out of you! It's a joy to meet someone
who is doing what their heart told them to do!  Good for you!  I wish
you continued success!

Sandie Fenton
Education Coordinator
York County Master Gardners


We've been trying to find the right words to describe your artistic
talent - we keep coming up shorthanded.  Nonetheless, we would like to
try to express our appreciation.  You have created a work of art in
our back yard!  We are so thrilled with our water feature. It really
is "a little bit of the mountains" brought to our home.  You are so
knowledgeable and a true professional.  My two dogs even loved working
with you and your guys.  The whole experience was such a pleasure! Thank
you from the bottom of our hearts!  This is truly a dream come true.

Thank You,
Dave and Mary Sizemore

Billy Provett did a class on ponds for us at Daniel Stowe Botanical
Gardens.  He did an excellent job!  He was very knowledgeable about his
subject and was very thorough in teaching the class.  His passion and energy truly
captivated the audience.  He is very professional and it was a pleasure to work
with him!

Lois Pederson
Garden Teacher
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden


Dear Billy:

CONGRATULATIONS on your exceptional Showcase Garden and your award
winnings: the prestigious American Horticultural Society Award: for
showing horticulture excellence and demonstrating the bond and best
example between horticulture and the environment as well as your 1st
place for the Design Award: for showing the most ingenuity with garden

On behalf of everyone at the Southern Spring Shows, Thank you!!

David Zimmerman

We met Billy's wife at a home and garden show and she said "he tries
to make things look as natural as possible" and that his exhibit was
"like a little piece of the mountains!"  Forget that, this is like a
piece of heaven!

My wife said, "It's like God put this here!" after our job was complete.  
We couldn't be happier!!!

Don Newlan